We are the company dedicated for making better, safer, and stronger India. We at “Strategic Consulting Lab” are invested in generating the skill set necessary for the transformation of $2 trillion economy to $7 trillion economy in around 8 years. With one million population joining the workforce every month, our nation’s economy require jobs to be created and this is to be done through private and public investments, sound macroeconomic policies, and financial inclusion and digitization. We are the part, of all this.


Business & Economy

As India grows from a $2 trillion economy to a $7 trillion economy and with the advent of digitization, simultaneously, the nature of doing business is set for a landmark shift and the fittest will survive and thrive and they will be the next generation companies. As is seen worldwide, the largest market capitalization companies 10 years before were majorly the commodities one i.e. Exxon Mobil and the likes. But now, that slot belongs to Apple and Alphabets. We @ sclworld.com provides essential knowledge for the companies to understand the paradigm shift and transform.


Since the days when Charles Darwin published his path breaking book “On The Origin of Species…” in 1859 much has changed in making products and selling services. Human brain is identified as a more complex subject and gene therapies can be tailor made to make us perceive and feel accordingly. With technology and data analytics as our friend, never before the choices that are made by us are actually ours. Netflix and Amazon are the best example of it. Branding is still, where it was 50 years back and a new way is to be formalized for making people understand about their choices of products and services. We have this unusual approach for branding utilizing the human brain and more for us and for our client to work.


As the per capita income of the nation increases from $1500 to $4500 or so in 10 years, financial savings are in a La La Land. Skillsets are required for niche segments such as corporate finance, managing treasuries of corporates & financial institutions and structuring complex financial products for mitigating risks. A core competence in all the above will start with a strong foundation in understanding how to read balance sheets, income statements and analyzing annual reports. A financial course trying to teach all of that and first of its kind in country has been structured which also guarantees full placement in the financial sector.

Politics & Policies

After the General Elections of 2014, Indian elections have become more of a intellectual stuff and mathematical excercise, where talents such as leadership, communication skills, branding, data analytics, geopolitics, and world & domestic economy gives an edge over competition. In the course of time politicians of all hues and shades will understand it. “Caste Politics”, “Younger Demographics” and “Quickly Changing Preferences” will make politicians to keep on evolving. We try to help them in this endeavour of theirs and thus give our nation, the best in the breed politicians, who can deliver to its people, a strong nation.

The Blog

The Rise and Rise of “Private Equities”, and how they are changing “Corporate Culture”.

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The Truth About “Cow Milk” and The Business of Milk.


Selling milk is a strange business and milk itself is a much stranger nutrition. 150 years ago, a HF cow will deliver a litre of milk in a day and now it is around 20 litres in a day. What is transpired in these 150 years…


These are some of the few thoughts and words spoken out by eminent thinkers, personalities ,and businessmen alike, which eludes to what had happened in the past and what can happen in the future.

We’re Hiring

Essentially we are a very disciplined workplace and are very passionate about our work. We’re completely dedicated to what we do and takes our work very seriously. So anybody who thinks that this is a bit too much, please avoid us. Also, we pay better than industry standards, actually, a lot better.

Executive Assistant to Sr. Management

Discipline, complete knowledge of MS Office and around two years of experience in corporate world.

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Senior Manager (Generalist)

One who is a effective communicator and knows the corporate world around. Should have certain knowledge of data analytics.

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Office Administrator

Somebody with a MBA degree and at the helm of starting his/her career. Should be sound with spreadsheets and documents preferably female.

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Senior Manager (Education)

Somebody who knows various MBA colleges around the country and is good at communicating out with the institutes effectively. Should also have empathy towards students and their career.

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Research Analyst (Markets)

Somebody who knows fundamental and technical analysis and is good at making reports which are original and readable. Should be good at spreadsheets and documents.

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The Educator / Mentor

Someone who can teach financial concepts to core group of students and can make a dedicated effort to prepare concepts of finance in a lucid, transparent, and applicable manner.

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Anybody interested, can email us at: ankita@sclworld.com or can call: 91-91119-06180