A few impresarios at the center of a buyout to control a giant company’s money making capacity, by drawing upon borrowed money and borrowed management talent. Risk and responsibilities were left in lesser people’s hands. There is a natural tension between “democracy” and “capitalism”. And much of the developed world’s business history is shaped by this unending tug of war. Our nation has just opened eyes for this.

Henry Kravis, co-founder of Kohlberg, Kravis and Robert (KKR) on his first visit to India in 2009 had remarked, “What is important is not what you buy – any fool with sufficient money can do that. What counts is what you do with it after buying.”

Here in India as the economy grows to around $10 trillion in around 10 years from now, companies specializing in buyouts will gorge companies, turning them around after taking them private. There is a lot of opportunities as the economy grows and further up, there will be also need for mega-size corporations who can leverage their balance sheets to further their ambitions for global acquisitions. We wish to be the sharp end of the stick here and that’s our journey.

Also, for all this to happen, the country needs professionals to carry out this business and we train them. If the job market is taken care of in a way we propound, the next 10 years will belong to Corporate India in the global context.

We at Strategic Consulting Lab works round the clock at every node of corporate finance and turnarounds, be it, Merger & Acquisitions, Private Equities and Funding for MSMEs. Valuations and preparing Termsheets are just the starting point of businesses and we go further deep into the areas of LBOs and other proprietary structured financial products. Also, training working professionals and students with the complexities of finance via the course of his choice delivered comprehensively with the help of technology which makes the professional empowered to carry along the upper echelons of corporate ladder. Technology also provides us to make sure that the Education imparted is transparent and world class, so the prospective employer can start just right at the onset. We think this as one hell of a step to increase productivity. Never in the country a finance course with such scope and diversity was ever started. We are proud to be first in this journey of ours.

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