“The cognitive map of the individual is not a photographic representation of the physical world… Every perceiver is, as it were, to some degree a non-representational artist, painting a picture of the world that expresses his individual view of reality.”

Habits are defined as, “Behaviour done with little or no conscious thoughts.” Such an unconscious mind acts as a repository, a cauldron of primitive wishes and impulse kept at bay and mediated by some conscious area. The importance of unconscious mind, end up the primary assumption of Freudian theory as the unconscious mind governs the behaviour to a greater degree than people suspect.

With the advent of technology, social media and Big Data, the world is becoming more of a unconscious habitat and businesses that create undying consumer habits gain us a significant competitive advantage.

We at Strategic Consulting Lab, harnesses the power of unconscious and technology to position and create “The Immortal Brand.”