If India can produce some of the finest brains for mathematics, software applications and “World Economy” then India can also become a global hub for higher education in Finance (after London and New York, Mumbai can be the financial hub of South East Asia) and cater to the needs of rapidly growing “Economy” which is witnessing “Financialization of Savings” and “Digitization” of the economy, simultaneously.

A sustainable finance education ecosystem is needed to produce globally competitive finance professionals. With the advent of automation and requirement of enhanced productivity, the skill sets required for a high paying job is far more than anytime in the history.
Real time, hands-on experience with various verticals of finance, and during the time of the courses working in real time on live finance projects is must to become a world class finance professional.
Technology in Education (Edtech) does not stop at offering online courses. Actually it is much more than that and that’s the phase that is starting in India. We want to pioneer it.
Courses we offer
CFA® courses (All levels), classroom classes.
 Detailed Course Contents and Fees Levied.

Courses We Offer

Integrated Finance & Economy – IFE

The course provides participants with a thorough understanding of the principals of Finance, various Macroeconomic theories, Investment Valuations, Understanding of Financial Markets, Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis and other allied conceptual techniques for morphing the participants into a well oiled ‘Finance Professional’ who could easily garner an annual package of 6 digits and more. And will be a sought after professional by the leading financial firms, national and global.

Unique features that makes this course to stand out among the peers

The course is designed in a way that it gets customized according to the needs of the participants throughout the life of the course.
The content and case studies varies accordingly and inculcate in participants, the desired necessity.

Holistic approach towards the making of the course which takes into account the contemporary needs of the financial sector and is routed in its wisdom of past. Aspects of behaviour science are also very much taken into account.

Largest library of Finance book and related journals (probably only after IIMs) with a complete understanding imparted to participants for what every book stands for.
Warren Buffett, Charles Munger, George Soros, Wilbur Ross, Russel Napier, A Random Walk Down the Wall Street..

Placement guarantee with salaries north of INR 10 LPA after the successful completion of the course.
Intelligently designed course contents, interaction with financial industries at all levels, and tech enabled engagement with prospective employers gives us an Edge.

Tech enabled gradation and evaluation in real time.
Making progress reflected in a quantitative form lead participants to work hard, to remain at the top.

By using key evaluation metrics and analyzing them in real time using technology, the participants knows where he or she stands (viz. a viz. placement) during the course.

For the first time in India, participants as well as parents and prospective employers can access the data from the classes and evaluation sheets and other important materials to verify the progress of the participant.
Any prospective employer can have access to all the data. Its more like a telecom major flaunting its Open Network.

An AI enabled platform that provides a “Real Time Optimal Package” (RTOP) of the participant during the progress of the course.
This creates a positive feedback mechanism directly linked with incentives, so the participant will always try to be at the top.

A placement platform enabled again with AI that creates hightest bidding by the prospective employer for “The Suitable Participant”.

A dashboard and an app for all participants to connect to fellow participants, prospective employers and peers to network, progress and make globe a safer and a financially sound place.

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